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Sound Healing for

• Burnout Prevention
• Relaxation
• Restoration
• Revitalization
• Refreshing

The use of vibroacoustics and sound tables continues to grow due to their ease of use, proven effectiveness, and strong interest by medical professionals, therapists and the public in nonpharmacologic and noninvasive therapies for stress, pain, and a wide variety of symptom management.


More Abundance

Offering Sound Healing services can expand the bottom line in many ways:

• The Vibrational Treatments are extremely effective.
• The Treatments are extremely enjoyable.
• There is some science and research backing up the products. The National Institute of Health has done extensive research on Sound Tables. CLICK HERE for Research on the Sound Tables.
• The products can also be used without a practitioner during the session.
• If you sell any of the products you receive a commission.

More Effectiveness
We all want to help others in the best way possible. Not only are the treatments on our products effective, they are extremely physically powerful. When you complete the treatment, your whole body is vibrating from the powerful low frequencies -- often for many hours afterwards (some report that they are affected for days). Besides general relaxation, we also offer specific sound and music treatments for particular issues. When people are transformed, they not only return, they tell others.

Use Alone or Add On
Vibroacoustics treatments can be used alone, or combined with massage, yoga, meditation, physical therapy, psychotherapy and other activities. They add an innovative dimension for a wide range of practitioners to expand their offerings.

Expand Your Business
Besides the Vibrational Tools and Products, we also offer training to master a wide variety of sound healing treatments and techniques. And, if appropriate, we also have available a wide selection of professional and considerate practitioners that you might incorporate into your business at whatever level is good for you.

More Fun
You get to use it yourself!

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